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We would like to interest you in a particular circuit. We are referring to the crossing of the Andes Range on horseback or foot trekking, from central Chile (The region of Valparaiso) to Argentina. We walk or ride through mountain passes exceeding 4.500 meters above sea level, close to the base of the highest mountain in the Americas, Mount Aconcagua (approx. 7000 meters A.S.L.). We are accompanied by skilled local horsemen, Chilean 'Huasos' and Argentine 'Gauchos', who's customs, knowledge and mountain traditions we share throughout. The scenery on this trip is outstanding. Wide valleys and planes, uninhabited except for the high peaks of the Andes, condors and herds of guanacos are constant reminders of our geographic location, as we follow fresh water rivers and streams and camp under the southern stars. This is an historic route, as in 1817 it was followed by an army of 5000 men who crossed the mountains to free Chile from the Spanish crown.

We believe that this is an excellent adventure to share with your travellers, and would like you to consider it as an option to be presented to your clients. We have considerable experience in dealing with European groups, which can certify our quality of service
and commitment to excellence.

Seven Reasons for which you must do this journey!!!!

1. The challenge to cross the highest mountain range in the world after the Himalayas. The Andes is a mountain range well knows internationally for its severity.

2. To cross from one country to another, as one does from Chile to Argentina, by sometime very extreme routes and passes.

3. The nearby Mount Aconcagua, at 6.980 meters, the highest in the Americas, adds an attractive background to the route.

4. The occasional presence of foxes and hares and herds of guanacos, with the constant overhead company of the condor, king of the Andes, and the scarce but bright flora, make this a lovely trip.

5. This journey has a great sense of history, for it is by this route in 1817 that the army which liberated Chile, and later Latin America, from the Spanish monarchy crossed over the mountains.

6. The cultural experience of sharing in the lifestyle of the Huasos (Chilean cowboys) and Gauchos (Argentinean Cowboys) their custom and traditions.

7. The only experience of adventure tourism in Chile which brings historical fact of worldwide relevance with the challenge of demanding trekking.

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