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One of our driving forces in developing Trekking World is in the belief that through promoting fitness and health based on walking and trekking in a fun and rewarding way, we can help counter the two major and inextricably linked epidemics of inactivity and obesity, as latest statistics show that almost a quarter of adults are obese, while around a fifth of all children are overweight or obese.

Trekking World is promoting fitness and health in a fun way, statistics show that in the UK today many people are taking less exercise than they used to, combined with changes in diet, this is taking its toll on many people's levels of fitness and health, it is staggering to us as parents that the current scientific view is that for the first time the life expectancy of children in Britain is set to fall!
We believe to counter this terrible trend we should be aiming to help make Britain the most active walking nation in the world before London hosts the 2012 Olympic Games, admittedly a very ambitious goal... Why NOT? As 2012 will place the spotlight firmly on sport and what can be achieved if you pursue a more active lifestyle.

Our aim is to harness the enthusiasm generated by the Olympic and Paralympic Games to encourage more people to get fit and healthy. Making this happen will require a revolution in behaviour and for people to 'Take to the Streets' and live, eat and become active members of an energetic Britain.

It could change your life for the better!



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