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Nepal land of exotic mountains, crystal-clear views, blissful quiet, thrilling climbs … and yak steaks!

It is hard to imagine a better trekking destination than this mountain Shangri-la, whose soaring Himalayan ranges are an irresistible beacon to trekkers, mountaineers and adventurers.

Trekking World has joined forces with guides from Nepal to bring you some magnificent treks around this outstanding area.

The most popular areas for trekkers are the tried-and-tested trails around the Annapurna Range near Pokhara and the famous routes around the base of Mt Everest, accessible via a short flight from Kathmandu. Most of these routes are “tea-house treks”, with plentiful accommodation in rustic lodges along the trails.

Nepal's excellent trekking infrastructure means you can arrive in Kathmandu, arrange permits and guides, stock up on trekking gear and start walking, all within 24 hours. Within a few short days of touching down, you could find yourself, wedged between 8,000m peaks, dodging yaks and sipping butter tea with Buddhist lamas, some trekkers even bring their children, aided by Sherpa’s to carry them once tiredness sets in.

For more challenging routes, to wild and remote areas such as Upper Mustang - a medieval Buddhist kingdom edging on to the Tibetan plateau - you'll need to join an organised trek with our partners to experience this who will arrange guides, a cook to prepare meals and Sherpa’s to carry equipment and set up tents along the trail, taking you to areas where few people go.

Altitude junkies can go one step further by attempting one of Nepal's giddy trekking peaks. These sharp-edged, snow-capped mountains range from 5,800m to 6,500m in height and most can be conquered without any previous mountaineering experience. To bag your own Himalayan peak, you'll need a mountaineering permit and our mountain guides to lay out ropes to the summit.

Whether you trek independently or join an organised trek, you will have to get used to the trekkers' diet of potatoes, noodles and dal bhat - spiced lentils with rice - a bland but carb-crammed source of trekking fuel. Many trekkers celebrate the return to Pokhara or Kathmandu with a sizzling inch-thick yak steak and generous quantities of Everest-brand lager.
But Nepal has more than calf-crunching mountain trails, the whole country is an adventure playground for adrenaline addicts. In Pokhara, the thrill of choice is parahawking - paragliding off the top of exposed summits with trained birds of prey to guide you through the thermals. Mountain-bikers test their fear of a flat planet throughout the central hills, and bungee-jumpers and canyoners make the best use of the steep valley of the Bhote Kosi River.

For water babies, the biggest rush comes from rafting, dozens of rivers surge from the Himalayas to the plains carrying inflatable rafts and kayaks full of thrill-seekers..
If that all sounds too much like hard work, you could always take a mountain flight over the greatest panorama on earth or ride an elephant through the gentle greenery of Chitwan national park. Then there's Kathmandu, a swooning exotic city of medieval stone temples, narrow backstreets and madly crowded markets.



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