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Aqua3 can also offer our readers discounted Ordnance Survey maps or Silva compasses.  You can choose from a standard paper map or upgrade to a completely waterproof version.  Whichever you choose, you'll get a generous discount.

When you buy an AQUA3® map you have in your hands a product that is:

Weatherproof - No matter how heavily it rains, your map will not get soggy and disintegrate

Tough and Durable - AQUA3® maps are much stronger than paper maps, they can battle through extreme conditions and still remain intact

Write On / Wipe Off Surface - Write on the surface with a pencil even when wet

Anti Glare - AQUA3® maps have a matt finish, so they don't reflect sunlight and torchlight. This makes them easy to read at all times.

Lightweight and Compact - AQUA3® laminate is as thin as a human hair so that the maps fold only marginally bigger than a standard paper map.

Visit the AQUA3® Website for your discounted maps and Free Delivery.


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