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Reviews from Germany

Neuschwanstein Castle - Germany
Directions: From the castles area, walk the road (not the one from/to Fussen) a ways. I took the back route: I turned right onto the road just passed the school (gymnasium) and followed the signs to Tegelberg and eventually found my way there, after going on some dirt road and next to a cow pasture (and wondering if I was headed in the right direction).  If you go far enough on the main road, there should be a paved road to the right (outside of town) that goes toTegelberg.  It is a little bit of a walk from the castle area to the tram. 
Trails: Take the tram up to the top.  Don't panic, that steep trail you see from the tram is not the way you are going.  The fun part is trying to figure out which way to go once you get to the top.  Follow the blue dots and signs for Marienbrucke or Hohenschwangau (none say "Neuschwanstein") and loop down in front of the restaurant.  After going down the step-trail, take a left at the junction.  The trail is a dirt track, one-person width path with some loose rocks and roots through the woods. The trail is not pure going down - there is a long level section and some small ups. The first view of Neuschwanstein doesn't come for about 45 minutes - and then you have to take a short trip up a dirt mound to get the view, which you have to look straight down to see (and if you miss it, the next viewing isn't for over 20 minutes). Once you jump or climb down the rocks just below the ridge, the trail switchbacks down the rest of the way (if you come up from Mary's Bridge, you should turn around before those rocks).  That's the bad news.  The good news is that the good views of Neuschwanstein are just ahead.  Stop and enjoy the views.  After you lose the views of Neuschwanstein, you will soon come to Mary's Bridge (where everyone gets views of Neuschwanstein) and the end of the trail.
It was about a 2 hour hike for me.
Area: Mountains and trees and some views of Neuschwanstein from above.
Recommendation: It is a nice hike, but if you are expecting lots of views of Neuschwanstein, you'll be very disappointed.  For pure views of Neuschwanstein, from the castle area, go to Mary's Bridge (Marienbrucke) and hike up the trail for a while - when you get close to the ridge (or earlier if you get tired), stop and head back (you'll also save the 9 euro from not using the tram doing it this way).







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