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Reviews from New Zealand

Milford Sound
The adventure starts with a boat trip up lake Te Anau and short walk to the first lodge, Glade House. After that come three days of real great walking and a boat trip back to Milford Sound at the finish.

The walk to Pompolona Hut
This was a flat 10 mile walk on a good path beside the Clinton river, mostly through trees, you are surrounded by beautiful huge mountains for the whole of the trip.
There are lots of tiny side tracks to investigate and it is a nature lover's paradise. I was amazed at the variety of ferns and mosses, trees and birds. The river is pale green and crystal clear, with brilliant orange stones on the bed in some parts, and we drank from it all the way along. There are occasional beaches with sand and glinting pebbles interspersed with flakes of silver mica.. Towards the end of the day we came to a lake with a high waterfall. We had a long debate on whether we'd get our boots back on if we stopped to put our feet in the water, but we took the risk and it was wonderful. Some people even swam. It was pleasant to reach the lodge about 5 o'clock, but none of us was really exhausted, just pleasantly tired after a fantastic day.

Over the Mackinnon Pass
The second day was the hardest we had a steady climb up to the Mackinnon Pass and then a steep walk down to the valley on the other side. We had great views as we climbed away from the valley the surrounding vegetation was changing continually; I was amazed by the colour and variety of the grasses and flowers. With the changing colours this trip must be magnificent whenever its done and I would like to come back again at a different time of year especially when the Mount Cook Lily is in bloom.
The weather at the top was wet and windy but we could the Clinton Valley from where we had come looking forward we could see the daunting walk that would lead us back down clearly marked by the white airstrip.The height of the pass is around 1155m and from here you had an impressive view of the surrounding mountains, as we ventured on the rain poured as we made our way through alpine shrubs and ferns, and waterfalls..

The Sutherland Falls
Once safely down to Quinton Lodge, the walk to the Sutherland Falls is a must!!
This track was quite a trek with some uphill sections but the images of the falls lead us all on, once we had arrived at the falls the spectacular view made the only trek worth while.
Dont worry about getting your boots wet as you must venture behind the falls this is truly a exhilarating experience.

Milford rain!
What a night, it poured the whole night and once awake in the morning you could hear the sound of rushing water from the falls, our boots had not managed to dry out overnight but it did not matter within five minutes of putting them we were wading through knee deep water, the rain continued and by lunch time we were soaked through to our underwear.
Sunshine!!! At last
The rain stopped and the sun beamed out making a great finish to the walk, as we made it to Lake Ada and the final walk to Sandfly Point and the boat trip past the Bowen Falls to Milford was magnificent.

Tip: Take plenty of film.

Written by Ivan Greenaway. Toronto, Canada

Milford Sound Milford Sound Milford Sound

Milford Sound

Ivan Greenaway, Canada

Wesley Hart, England





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