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Reviews from the Jungfrau Region.

Jungfraujoch – Switzerland
Directions: Go to Kleine Scheidegg and take the train up the Jungfraujoch
Note: It will take some time to get from where ever you start to the top (and back down)
Trails: There are a lot of neat things to look at the top, but be sure to go outside and "hike" the cleared path on the glacier to  Monchsjochhutte - a restaurant.  It's about a 40 minute hike across the snow with a slight grade up.  You'll want your sunglasses and a hiking stick will make the going a little bit easier (though not needed).
Area: Top of a large mountain, lots of snow/glaciers
Recommendation: Definitely.  It's very expensive, but worth doing once.  Don't go if the top is completely clouded over though (there are video monitors where you buy the tickets).

Bachalpsee - Switzerland
Directions: Make your way to Grindelwald and then walk to the lift for First (about 5 minute walk from train station).
Note: It's over 1/2 hour ride on the lifts (and keep in mind that the last lift down is at 5 pm)
Trails: The "trail" is a gravel road (no cars) from the lift area to Bachalpsee, a double lake.  The road has a small grade up for a while and then heads down near the lake.  It is about an hour hike, one-way.  It was cloudy (very limited visibility - I was up in the clouds) and raining/drizzling when I went.  Without any views and poor weather, it was a miserable hike.
Elevation: 97 m from First (2168 m) to Bachalpsee (2265 m)
Area: Brown upper mountain with 2 lakes and the granite and snow peaks in the distance.
Recommendation: Waste of time if it is cloudy, but if it is clear, the views are supposedly (from pictures) spectacular.

Stieregg - Switzerland
Directions: Make your way to Grindelwald and then walk to the tram for
Pfingstegg (about 8 minute walk from train station).
Trails: A one-person width true trail that goes from the tram station to a restaurant with a view of a glacier.  The trail starts behind the tram station and you go through a gate.  The trail goes along the mountain side into a valley, going up some - there are some steep drop offs next to the trail, so be careful. It's about an hour and a half hike, one-way.
Area: Along a mountain to a view of a glacier, some trees, some open areas
Recommendation: Yup, this is a nice one.  If you don't have a lift pass, you can skip paying extra for the lift and hike up - it's not too far.

Murren to Lauterbrunnen - Switzerland
Directions: Make your way to Lauterbrunnen - the tram is across the street from the train station - and take the tram up and train over to Murren.
Trails: Go to Murren and instead of taking the train back, walk the road that goes along side the tracks.  A little bit before Winteregg, hook a right across the tracks (at the only place to do so) to the trail that heads down to Lauterbrunnen.  The trail starts as an old road, but turns into a narrow, rocky trail after passing a structure.  The trail goes through the forest and over a number of streams and small waterfalls (including Staubbach Waterfall before it heads over the edge). It is a steep trail at points and not for those with bad knees.  The trail comes out in a house area above Lauterbrunnen and you'll need to walk the roads and wander your way back to where you need to go.  It took me about 1
1/2 hours to hike down.
Elevation: 849 m from Murren (1645 m) to Lauterbrunnen (796 m)
Area: Heading down a mountain through trees and crossing a number of streams and small waterfalls
Recommendation: It's a really nice hike, especially on a cloudy day where the weather doesn't spoil the views on this hike (while it can on other hikes in the area).



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