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Inca Trail

Peru is an astonishingly varied country, here you'll find panoramic mountain ranges, vast deserts, and tropical jungle, not to mention fantastically rich history, archaeology, wildlife and enduring indigenous cultures.
Images of the extraordinary remains of ancient civilizations will inevitably jump to mind. The Inca stronghold Machu Picchu is one of the most famous archaeological sites in the world.
Such a diverse landscape offers amazing oppurtunies; you can hike through snowy peaks one day, paddle a dugout through lowland rainforest or hop on a traditional reed boat on some of the world's highest lakes.
Many hikers consider the Inca Trail to be the most wonderful trail on earth ; the Inca Trail is not difficult.  
It is advisable to book the Inca Trail up early as the number of people entering the trail daily is restricted, only 500 people per day are allowed to enter this includes cooks, porters and guides. The government has clamped down on taxes, so if you buy your trek with an overseas tour operator then the trek is exempt from taxes but by buying a trek directly with a local tour operator this helps benefit the local economy much more than booking with a company in your own country.

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